Get Your ROCK HARD ERECTIONS Back Before Your Relationship or Dating Life Completely Crumbles…

How Cutting Edge Science Can Naturally “Switch On” Your Primal Masculine Genetic Code So You Can Experience Ridiculously Long Lasting Stage 4 ROCK HARD ERECTIONS for LIFE!


Picture this…

You are a tribal man out hunting for food. You're lean and muscular, the sun is beating on your back. 

You feel strong, vital, and connected to the earth. 

You successfully spot your prey and take careful, quiet aim. In a flash you release your arrow and take your prey down with a one shot kill!  

Gratitude floods your body. Once again the abundance of the earth has provided plenty of food for you and your tribe today. 

And when you return to the village cheers erupt as everyone celebrates you and the feast you’ve provided for them.

The women of your village are noticeably turned on by your Alpha Nature and they literally throw themselves at you…

hoping that they are the one you choose tonight!

Now this may sound like some random man from the distant past, but the truth is that these are YOUR ancestors. 

These are the robust vital men who reproduced to eventually produce you.  

These are the amazing alpha men who gave you the primal masculine genes that you have in your body. 

You have these genes, I have these genes, but to a large extent today’s modern world… 

"switches them off!"

Consider for a moment that less than 3% of men in the 1940s between the ages of 30-45 reported experiencing erectile dysfunction. 

However, today 25-40% of men between the ages of 30-45 report having significant issues with ED. 

That’s over a 1000% increase in just a handful of decades!

The world is very different than it was in the 1940s and vastly different from our ancient hunter gatherer past.  

Today there are a number of ‘Alpha Inhibitors' in our modern world that are “switching off” our primal masculine genes. These ‘Alpha Inhibitors' make not only getting rock hard erections much more difficult... 

they also feminize us.  

Our modern male biochemistry is looking more and more like a woman’s biochemistry. 

Rather than the biochemistry and genetic expression of our raw sexually potent alpha male ancestors.

Today I’m going to share with you a brand new cutting edge science which is finally restoring men's God given primal masculinity... 

easily and naturally.  

This amazing new science is allowing these men to “switch back on” their primal masculine genetic code. 

Supercharging their confidence, sex drive, and giving them Rock Hard Erections for Life!

But I can almost guarantee that you will not hear about this groundbreaking solution to regaining your masculinity and rock hard erections anywhere else.. 

including from your doctor!  

Because the pharmaceutical industry would potentially lose billions of dollars if you discovered a natural way to TRULY overcome ED without their drugs. 

They definitely don’t want you to know about this amazing new science…

As the prominent genetic researcher and medical doctor Bruce Lipton, PhD stated: “If you understand this groundbreaking new science, you don’t need the pharmaceutical industry!”

The promise of this new science is going to completely change the way we view and approach men’s health. It will help you naturally get and maintain ridiculously rock hard erections throughout your entire life.

Very soon, I’m personally going to show you how to take advantage of this amazing new science so that you can join the hundreds of men who are already experiencing sex lives beyond their wildest dreams!

Hi, my name is Zander Holt.

I have over 30 years of expertise in the field of Health and Wellness: particularly in the areas of Sex, Physical Therapy, Yoga, and Nutrition.

Back in 2013 I began experiencing significant erectile dysfunction... which catapulted my marriage into a hellish death spiral.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my marriage falling apart would end up giving me the hardest erections of my life.  

Let me explain…

Back in 2013, I began noticing that my hard-ons were not getting nearly as hard as they used to be.  

I was 44 at the time. 

My wife and I owned a retail store that was losing money hand over fist. 

We were working long hours, constantly under stress, and losing sleep worrying about going into bankruptcy.   

I just kept telling myself that I was under too much stress and that my rock hard erections would eventually come back on their own.

But by the end of 2013, my manhood was pathetic. I was lucky if I even got an erection at all. 

And when I did get one it was more like a “half-on” than a “hard-on.” 

They were semi-hard and practically useless.  

Even worse, if I did finally get an erection hard enough to penetrate my woman... 

I would ejaculate almost immediately when I thrust it inside her.

ED and premature ejaculation (PE) were killing my marriage! 

I avoided intimacy with my wife because the disappointment on her face was more than I could bare.

I felt hopeless, angry, scared, and humiliated.

I felt like my manhood was being ripped from me!

I just couldn’t understand it. I was living a healthy lifestyle. 

I avoided processed foods and I ate a lot of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. 

I went to the gym 3x a week… and yet, my ED was getting worse and worse!

“Why is this happening to me? How do I fix this? What am I doing wrong?!” 

These thoughts would plague me over and over again… day after day after day.

I’d wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.. 

with dull throbbing pains in my gut. 

Worried about what would happen the next time my wife was in the mood.

I just couldn’t take it anymore! 

I was avoiding intimacy with my wife because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get it up. 

And that would make her feel unattractive, undesired, and unloved.  

She would feel like she wasn’t sexy enough to turn me on, when nothing could be further from the truth! 

And to make matters worse, even if I did manage to get hard enough, I was lucky if I lasted a couple of minutes. 

Hardly worth the effort and frustration for both of us.

I felt totally powerless... 

because I didn’t know what to do to fix my problem or reassure her.  

My confidence was completely shot!

You see I was fortunate enough to have married the woman of my dreams and we had a beautiful baby daughter together.

So I was desperate to save our marriage… 

and I enrolled us in marital counseling.  

But in regards to my ED and PE, I didn’t know what to do. So I decided I was going to bite the bullet and do what I swore I’d never do.

I decided that I was finally going to give those ED drugs a try. 

I was so desperate to feel like a real man again… 

and have passionate sheet ripping sex with my wife like we used to.  

Even though I knew on some level that having to take a pill in order to get hard would make me feel even more inadequate… 

I was just in too much emotional pain to care.

And I was determined to save my marriage and keep my precious family together!

I was just about to tuck my tail between my legs and go get a prescription for the ED drugs when I got a surprise visit from a long-time friend... 

that would forever alter the course of my life!

I had just moved to Colorado and he was dying to come visit me. 

He dropped by for a visit and we began to catch up.

However, while we were talking, I began to notice a palpable change in the tone of his voice. 

He was shaking. His voice was quivering. I noticed that he actually started to tear up a bit.

I never saw it coming, but what he shared with me changed the course of my life.

“Zander, I’m going to share something with you that I’ve never told anyone... ever.” 

He was visibly struggling to hold back his tears… 

I leaned in, extremely curious.  

“I have not been able to get a natural hard-on since I turned 40.” 

He was 47 at the time.

I was shocked, I was not expecting to hear that. 

But given what I was currently going through, I was all ears.

“When you see someone that you’re attracted to, and your body no longer responds, you feel… 

defeated. You think… 

what’s the point?"

“Despite this, I tried to date this beautiful woman a few years ago knowing full well that I probably wouldn’t get an erection. 

She was so freakin’ hot though, that I figured if I was going to get an erection with anyone it would be with her.”

“But it was a disaster. 

She ended up yelling five words at me that would crush any confidence I had left... 

and strip me of what was left of my manhood!"  

“Because, you see... 

I couldn't get an erection with her, even though she was incredibly hot. And she ran out of my bedroom screaming… 

‘It’s not me, it’s YOU!!!’

"I’ve never seen or heard from her again."

“Those words still haunt me to this day. 

I don’t feel like I can ever go through that again, it was so freakin’ painful! 

Whatever bit of masculine confidence I had, I completely lost it that day.”

“Holy shit,” I thought, “that’s really harsh!"

He then went on to tell me that he started taking the standard ED drugs after that incident, Viagra and Cialis. 

And while he hated the side effects of these drugs, they did help him to get an erection. 

Even though those erections never got fully hard or lasted very long.

“The side effects were HORRIBLE! 

I had wicked reflux and excruciating migraines. 

The reflux was off the charts. I’d wake up at night with bile in my nose! 

My nose was literally on fire, boiling from my own stomach acid that was constantly bubbling up!”

However, I soon learned that he didn’t have to worry about this for long. 

Because those ED drugs only worked for about a year… 

then they stopped working altogether. 

He could then no longer get hard at all… 

no matter what he did!

Scared and desperate, he went back to the doctor for more tests.

What the doctor told him next... shook him to his core!

The doctor said that his condition had gone on for too long. 

My dear friend had developed a form of permanent impotence!  

"But not to worry"… 

the doctor told him, because he had a couple of “solutions” for him that would almost certainly help him get an erection.

Even though his ability to naturally do so was now completely lost.

“Not to worry?!” I thought. 

“Completely lost?!"

His first “solution” was to perform surgery and peel away the skin of his penis, splay it open, and insert an artificial pump. 

They would then implant a “button" into his scrotum where it would live permanently, like a third testicle.

He could then squeeze this “third testicle" in his scrotum and hopefully the pump would give him an erection. 

The surgery was of course irreversible and there was no guarantee it was going to work.

“If the surgery didn’t work then I would end up WAY WORSE than I am now… 

with NO HOPE of ever getting my erections or money back!”

"I'd just end up having to carry around a useless button in my ball sack… 

everywhere I go. 

A button that never gets me hard… a constant reminder (like a got branded on my balls) that I have a dick that is really half-dead and now isn’t ever coming back!"

"Worse still, since this pump would be foreign to my body, there was a serious risk of developing an infection. 

That could lead to the amputation of both my penis and testicles! 

Leaving me permanently castrated without a penis to even piss out of much less have sex with!"

“Holy shit… that’s freakin' terrifying!” I thought.

His second “solution” was to inject a very powerful set of chemicals directly into his penis via a hypodermic needle. 

It was another extreme solution, but not as extreme as irreversible surgery... so my friend reluctantly opted for this option.

“I hated having to inject my dick… 

but I was excited that I was getting an erection. 

However, that excitement turned into terror when one of those erections lasted 12 hours!”

“I was really scared... 

because I know when erections go on that long, the blood in your dick loses all its oxygen. This lack of oxygen was killing the tissues of my penis!"

"If I didn’t get oxygen back in my dick immediately it was literally going to die! 

If that happened, even the shots wouldn’t work for me anymore!"

“So I rushed to the ER! But when I got there I was too afraid to go in... 

because I know what they do. 

They plunge a very thick needle into the leading edge of your penis to get the blood to rush out and bring the erection down.  

I sat in that ER parking lot for what seemed like an eternity with an ice pack on my crotch. Shaking because I was too scared to go in.”

“Fuck THIS! I yelled and screeched out of that ER parking lot. 

Racing home at full speed to try and do it myself. 

Praying to God the cops didn’t spot me. 

Because I wasn’t stopping for nobody… 

My dick was literally DYING!”

"When I got home I raced to my computer and desperately searched the internet. 

Trying to find out how I could do this myself.”  

"Finally I found someone who did it to himself using a hypodermic needle. 

The trick is you had to stab that needle in at just the right spot. And at just the right angle… 

or else!"

“Because there are two blood vessels in the penis you absolutely must avoid hitting... 

or you can bleed out or damage your dick forever. 

If that happened, even those damned injections wouldn’t work for me anymore!”

“I googled an anatomical image of the penis and studied it carefully. 

I then quickly grabbed the very same needle I used to inject myself and got ready to stab it back into my penis again. 

This time praying it would take away the never-ending erection that it gave me in the first place.”

“My hand was shaking like crazy… 

because I was so scared to do it. And it wouldn’t move… 

My hand just wouldn’t move!”

“But as I stood there frozen, the terror I was feeling as my dick was dying finally overtook me. 

And I just instinctively plunged that needle straight into my penis… praying for the best.”

“After the needle went in, I quickly pulled the plunger out. 

The blood oozed into the hypodermic chamber… and it was BLACK and congealed! 

All the oxygen in my blood was gone and I’m not exaggerating… 

it was thick and black, it looked and flowed just like used motor oil!”

“Oh my god!” I thought

“I was scared… I was so frickin’ scared!"

“I still use those injections to this day because that is the only way I can get hard now, but I’m so scared every time I stick that needle in my dick!” 

"I initially hide it from the women I date. 

But they figure it out quickly when my erection won’t go down for at least four hours.”

“It’s particularly embarrassing if she wants to go out afterwards and I have to deal with an erection that just won’t go down. 

It makes me walk funny and I’m constantly paranoid that people are staring at my crotch.”

"It’s extremely uncomfortable… both physically and emotionally."

"I really like these women, but after our first sexual encounter... most of them, I never hear from again.”

“Furthermore, these injections have to be kept refrigerated so I always have to get the woman I’m dating back to my place.

Then I sneak into the bathroom to inject myself. 

It all has to be planned out carefully and kept secret. 

There is absolutely NO SPONTANEITY with this!”
“I literally feel like a pathetic shell of man when I stick that needle in my dick!”, he cried. 

"The fact that I have to do this as well as hide it, is killing me. But I refuse to have no sex life! 

What’s even worse is knowing in the back of my mind that when these injections stop working… 

it’s going to be surgery time.”

“What the hell am I going to do if I can no longer have sex at all?"

"What’s the point?!"

Now… I was really taken off guard here.  

When he told me his story... I completely freaked out! 

I mean I totally LOST MY SHIT!

I went into a panic attack that felt like it lasted for weeks! 

My heart was pounding hard, it felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. 

My throat squeezed tight and I had trouble breathing normally. 

I felt lightheaded and shaky… like the earth was moving underneath me.  

I knew I had to do something IMMEDIATELY or my life was going to crumble. 

But I had no idea what to do!

Was this seriously where I was headed?! 


I was only 45 and I was about to go down the same path he did. 

Taking ED drugs instead of fixing the source of my problem. 

Only to end up with permanent ED that could only be overcome by injecting my dick with God knows what!  


There was no way I was going to let that happen to me! 

From that day on I was absolutely determined to get at the source of my ED and PE and not just treat the symptoms. 

There was no way I was going to mask this problem with ED drugs and let it turn into permanent impotence.  

There was no way I was going to let this problem destroy my marriage! 

I was absolutely determined to be intimate with my wife again. To have the love and passion that we used to!


But was I too late?

A few weeks later my wife came to me in tears. I will never forget the depth of pain in her eyes.  

She told me that the marital counseling wasn’t working… so she wanted to stop going.  

And even worse, our sex life was a pathetic, non-existent disaster and I wasn’t doing anything about it. 

She made it clear that she had no intention of staying in a broken sexless marriage.

I literally felt like someone kicked me as hard as they could in my gut with a steel tipped boot!  

My head started spinning violently… like I was going to pass out.  

My life began to unravel at lightning speed as I stood their stunned and dumbfounded.

Because there was no mistaking it… it was painfully crystal clear. 

When she uttered those words I knew instantly that this was truly the end.  

I was already too late! 

She was already at the end of her rope, she wasn’t coming back. 

And how could I blame her?

Our business was tanking… 

I failed as a provider.  

Our marriage counseling wasn't working… 

I failed as a husband.  

And what was even worse for both of us, my dick wasn’t working like it should… 

I failed as a lover.

"Why didn’t I take immediate action when I began developing ED?! 

What can I do about it now… it’s too late! Because now she's done… 

I mean she's truly DONE!” 

These painful thoughts raced through my aching brain at breakneck speed.

It wasn’t long after this “talk" that my wife filed for divorce.

I can’t even put into words how painful it was to come to grips with the fact that my wife needed to get pleasure and intimacy from some other man… 

because I couldn’t give her what she needed.

It was all my fault, she had needs, she deserved to experience intimacy and pleasure. 

My sexual dysfunction was extremely hard on her… 

and I didn’t take any action to fix it.  

She didn’t deserve to feel unwanted, undesirable, or unloved. 

She was a beautiful woman that deserved an amazing sex life!

But the thought of her being with another man who could perform normally when I couldn’t was way more than I could take. 

I broke down and literally writhed on the floor, sobbing, in extreme emotional pain trying to figure out how I was going to put my life back together.

ED had completely and utterly shattered my reality!

Because I lost everything. 

 I lost the love of my wife, my family, my business, my house, most of my finances. 

 Everything I helped build… 


 Our dreams of growing old together and living happily ever after… 

GONE! Now I had to split time with my daughter.  

It was like a hurricane swept through my entire life and stripped me of everything I cherished. 

ED turned my happy home into a broken home.

Now, I wallowed in my own pity for quite some time… 

months. I’m sure I was no fun to be around during this time. 

 My friends and family were Godsends to put up with all that… 

all while giving me tremendous support. 

I absolutely love them… 

and I’m so fortunate to have them in my life!

And eventually, I did get back up and started taking control of my life again… my new life. 

Cause while I was definitely down… 

I certainly wasn’t out.  

ED and PE had completely destroyed my life and now I was going to make it my life’s mission to completely destroy them! 

 I would get at the SOURCE of my ED and PE and fix them for good!  

Vengeance would be mine!

No matter what it took, I was absolutely determined to have natural, consistent, long lasting rock hard erections for the rest of my life. 

I was not going to take ED drugs and just treat the symptoms and potentially develop permanent impotence.  

I swore that I would never lose another relationship to the devastation of ED and PE again.  


But what was the source of my problem? 

And how was I going to fix it?  

Well, I’ll tell you… 

good luck finding the answers to those questions! 

 Because I couldn’t find any satisfactory answers to those questions no matter how hard I looked.  

It literally took me four years of research, sifting through tons of bullshit, and lots of trial and error... 

to finally get legitimate answers to those simple questions.

The answers finally came when I discovered this revolutionary new science I’m going to talk about in just a few moments.

But it took me four years frantically researching ED, PE, and natural ways to overcome them to find this science. 

 I went through tons of research articles. 

 I ordered just about every information product and herbal formula that claimed it could “cure” ED or PE.  

However, what I experienced next was EXTREMELY frustrating…

You see, what I found is that most of these so-called “experts” selling these information products and herbal formulas... 

are not interested in fixing the source of your ED or PE either! 

They are literally keeping you stuck in your ED and PE by promising you isolated “instant cures” that don’t fix the source of your problem.  

This is almost criminal! Because, as my dear friend found out the hard way, if you don’t fix the source of your problem... 

 If you just use a quick fix to treat the symptoms… 

what would of been temporary ED can turn into permanent, irreversible impotence!

My research was frustrating because what I found is that these so called “experts” tell you it’s either all “in your mind” and sell you products like “mindset” courses or “hypnosis” audio files...

… or they tell you it’s all in your body and sell you magic pills, miracle elixirs, herbal formulas, and exotic foods.

The problem is, as I found out the hard way, these “isolated" approaches are woefully incomplete. 

 They tend to keep you stuck in a perpetual cycle of having to “fix” your problem so you keep purchasing more and more of their products.

The TRUTH is rock hard erections are produced from the body and mind working intimately together as an integrated unit... 

the “BodyMind”!  

What I finally realized through studying the mechanisms of rock hard erections, the BodyMind, and... 

this groundbreaking new science that we will get into in just a moment is this:

The causes of ED and PE are complicated… but the solutions are simple, if you are focused on the right things!

You see ED and PE can have their root causes in the body, mind, or emotions… 

or any unique twisted combination of the three. Your unique form of ED and PE is unique to you… 

which is why these “isolated” fixes that these experts sell you tend to work so poorly for a lot of men.

However, what I discovered through lots of trial and error and research is... 

there are four and only four pillars of the BodyMind that are responsible for producing and maintaining rock hard erections.  

If you simply address these four pillars of the BodyMind... 

you automatically address the unique combinations of physical, mental, or emotional issues that are causing your erectile problems!

And when I finally discovered this new leading edge science that I will explain in a moment and applied it to the 4 pillars of the BodyMind responsible for Rock Hard erections... 

it completely obliterated my ED and PE! 

In fact, I was getting so many long lasting rock hard erections that it was almost getting annoying!  

To see if it was just a fluke, I shared my formula with a few friends to see what kind of results they would get. 

To my great delight, as well as to theirs... they reported that their erections were getting much harder, more frequent, and lasting much longer than before. 

Even if they were currently having issues with ED or PE!


 After 4 years of research I finally hit the jackpot in the bedroom! 

The key was using this amazing new science on the 4 pillars of the BodyMind that are responsible for Rock Hard Erections. 

Simple and effective!

You see, I found out the hard way that focusing on eliminating ED or PE is really the WRONG FOCUS. 

 That just creates more performance anxiety.  

Instead, focus on the mechanisms that are responsible for Rock Hard Erections. 

Then those bed busting boners just start happening naturally and frequently. 

 The ED and PE then just basically takes care of itself.

When you are getting consistent, long lasting, rock hard erections… 

well, then there really is no ED or PE to speak of, is there? 

 And there is little to no chance of ever developing ED or PE in the first place.

You see this new science gained acceptance in large part because of the Human Genome Project. 
This 13 year project produced vastly different results than what the scientists were expecting. 

 Honestly, it was an embarrassment for them… 

which is why the results were not widely publicized by the scientific community or the media.

The scientists were expecting to find over 100,000 genes in the human genome… 

but they were absolutely shocked to find that there are only around 25,000 genes.
Now, I don’t want to get too technical here, but basically this result shattered the scientific theory that our genes control us!

This discovery gave rise to this amazing new science that I’m about to discuss, that shows us that we are not the VICTIMS of our genes... 

we can be the MASTERS of them! 

 We can give our body instructions on which genes will be read and which ones will not!

So what I did is I took this amazing new science and applied it to the 4 mechanisms of the BodyMind that are responsible for producing Rock Hard Erections… 

and BAM!!! 

 I started getting crazy rock hard boners! 

In other words, this unique secret system I developed literally taps into your genetics... 

to force your body to naturally give you consistent Rock Hard Erections for Life! 

 This allows you to enjoy these stage four rock hard raging boners well into your 60s, 70s, 80s+

If you don't already know, stage 4 erections are the HARDEST ERECTIONS known to man. 

You know, the kind that make you feel like superman and drive your lover absolutely wild in bed! 


that’s what we are talking about here!

Now I consistently get these stage 4 long lasting rock hard erections naturally. 

 And I have a sex life most guys can only dream of! 

 My confidence is through the roof, because I KNOW no matter what happens, 

I’m going to rock her world in the bedroom… 

every time!

And I am by no means unique, my clients feel the exact same way. 

 They are relentlessly driving their lovers absolutely wild with explosive pleasure... 

over and over again! Because those stage 4 erections are so rock hard... 

that lasting longer than you ever thought possible becomes almost effortless.

And it’s all because of this amazing system I developed using this incredible new science on the erection boosting powers of the BodyMind! 

 So simple… 

yet so ruthlessly effective!

All done holistically and naturally. 

 Forget about the Pills, Drugs, and Needles, you won’t need them with this system!

I’m going to go into this new cutting edge science... 

that gives you the power to get rock hard erections easily and permanently. 

 But first you need to understand something about ED.

ED is NOT a disease... it’s a DYSFUNCTION. 

It has many potential causes and is unique to each individual. 

If you are ready to get your rock erections back and keep them for the rest of your life, then you absolutely need a comprehensive holistic approach. 

An approach that not only addresses your unique cause of ED but prevents any other potential causes from arising as you get older. 

Otherwise your ED will likely keep coming back. 

And as my good friend found out the HARD WAY... 

if you don’t address the true source of your issues, your temporary ED can become full blown PERMANENT impotence!

However, if you effectively address all four erection boosting pillars of the BodyMind... then you will almost certainly experience consistent long lasting Rock Hard Erections for the rest of your life! 

 Imagine never having to worry about ED or PE ever again!

Look... if you avoid sex or dating because you are constantly worried you won’t be able to get a rock hard erection… 

or any erection at all. 

Or if you do manage to get an erection, you ejaculate almost immediately upon penetration… 

I completely understand, I’ve been there. 
If you feel like half a man because your manhood has been robbed from you… 

hell, if you feel like less of a man now then when you were a teenager... 

I’ve been there too.  

If you feel hopeless, lonely, depressed, and useless… 

unfortunately those are normal feelings when you have ED or PE. But that is not even the worst of it...

here’s the real kicker… 

She probably feels even worse than you do!  

How do you think she feels when nothing she does helps? 

 And if you do manage to get an erection but lose it right when you put it inside her, how is she supposed to think that she’s not the problem?

Even though you and I both know that she isn’t… 

try convincing her of that!

Not being able to get fully erect or stay erect makes your woman feel undesirable, unattractive, and unwanted. 

 She doesn't know what to do, and how do you think it makes her feel when you withdraw and don't take any actions to fix your problem?  

Or you take actions to treat only the symptoms instead of the source of your problem and you end up with permanent impotence?  

How long do you think she can go on feeling this way before she ends up leaving or cheating on you for a better man?

Fixing the true source of your ED and PE rather than just the symptoms... can TRULY save your relationship or dating life! 

And make no mistake about it, doing nothing to solve the real source of your problem is a death sentence to your marriage, relationship, or dating life.

Trust me. 


I’ve been there too. I was too late, but you don’t have to be. I’ve already done the hard work for you.

If you want to avoid this, you have to get at the source of your ED and PE and get rid of it for good. 

 Or even better yet, prevent ED and PE from ever developing in the first place!  

You want to be the man who is always rock hard every single time without fail so you never have to worry about it.

Look, I don’t want you to have to go through what I’ve been through. 

But if you are going through what I went through then we need to solve this right NOW! 

Waiting could mean the end of your relationship, dating life… 

or even worse - developing permanent impotence.

Will your relationship or dating life survive 4 years as you try to figure this stuff out on your own… 

like I did?

You don’t need to go through the same grueling process I did. 

Spend 4 years of your life researching and experimenting on yourself. 

Hoping to get your sexual dysfunction solved before your relationship crumbles! 

Sifting through tons of bullshit and putting your body through stomach aches, migraines, and diarrhea. 

And yes… 

even trying things that end up making your erections worse! Extremely frustrating... 

that’s what I went through.



I had a major breakthrough in my research when I stumbled upon this groundbreaking new science. 

A science that shows us that genes don’t control us, but rather we can control them!  

I learned that erection boosting genes can be "turned on” and erection killing genes can be "turned off." 

Simply by manipulating certain things in our lifestyle and environment. 

By "switching on" our good “wild” masculine genes and "switching off" our bad “erection killing” genes… 

we can easily and naturally get frequent, long-lasting stage 4 rock hard erections for life!

For the first time, we have the power to be our own biohacking engineers. 

The only thing stopping most men from having bed busting boners is the BodyMind key to unlock your full potential.

This new science was the missing piece that allowed me to finally complete my amazing rock hard erection boosting system.

A system that took me from having weak to no erections to having consistent stage four rock hard erections whenever I wanted!

A system that took me from having an extremely pathetic sex life to a sex life that most guys can’t even imagine!

So what is this amazing new science that teaches us that we are not victims of our genes?

This revolutionary new science, that shows us that we are actually the MASTERS of our genes, is called...


Epigenetic's is the KEY to naturally switch on your stage 4 rock hard erections without negative side effects… I show you how!

You see for over 50 years science thought that our genes controlled us. 

 That what we were given at birth determined how our life was going to be. 

 In essence, we have been under the mistaken belief that we are VICTIMS of our genes.

But, what the Human Genome Project and the science of Epigenetic's shows us is that genes really don’t make any decisions at all! 

 They don’t decide on their own to “turn on” or “turn off." 

 They are just BLUEPRINTS. And blueprints DO NOT MAKE DECISIONS!

Imagine that you go to an architect's office and you peer over his shoulder as he works on a blueprint. 

 And you ask him if the blueprint is “on” or “off”… 

he will look at you like you are absolutely crazy!

Blueprints don’t “turn on” or “turn off” they are either “read" or "not read”. 

 And blueprints don’t make the decision as to whether they are read or not… 

the builder does!

So in the human body, genes hold our blueprints but they don’t decide if a particular blueprint is read or not.  

So what does?


 Epigenetic signals.

Signals, that to a very large extent, WE CAN CONTROL!

And by learning how to simply control these signals. 

Signals that impact your masculine erection promoting genes… 

You become the MASTER of your genetics. You can actualize your full masculine potential. 

 Allowing you to truly become the manly sexual beast that you were born to be!

I know a lot of products use the term “cutting edge science” to help make their product seem sexier. 

However, Epigenetic's truly IS the cutting edge of today and the future. 

 That’s why I use it extensively in my amazing proprietary system.

As the brilliant scientific researcher and medical doctor Bruce Lipton, 

PhD tells us "Epigenetic's is the most important revolutionary discovery in biology... 

tantamount to the finding of quantum physics as opposed to classical Newtonian physics. 

 Conventional medicine is operating from an archaic view that we’re controlled by genes. 

This misunderstands the nature of how biology works.”

And when you become the master of your masculine genetics… 

you can experience Rock Hard Erections throughout your ENTIRE life!

This is WAY EASIER than it sounds… 

and I make it INCREDIBLY SIMPLE to do in my groundbreaking system that I call…

The ‘Rock Hard for Life Formula!'

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is a complete natural holistic solution for getting and maintaining Rock Hard erections for LIFE! Based on the cutting edge science of Epigenetic's! 

Forget about those BS “isolated fix” ED solutions that just give you herbal formulas like Horny Goat Weed, hypnosis audio files, or basic kegel exercises.

Forget about those magic ointments or lotions that you have to rub on your penis to get an erection.

Forget about those painful cock rings that can actually bruise and damage your dick.

Forget about doing a bunch of exercises or spending lots of time in the gym.

Forget about about dieting or eating a bunch of exotic superfoods and hoping for the best.

Forget about a “one size fits all” solution that kind of works for some men, but not at all for others.

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” in a complete holistic system. 

 A system that addresses the SOURCES of your specific erection difficulties... 

whether they are physical, emotional, or mental… or any unique twisted combination of the three!  

My system allows you to not only address your current erection issues, but helps prevent any other issues from arising as you grow older.

Unlike all those lame ED and PE information products that are all over the internet… 

Products that just list a bunch of “facts” and “techniques” about ED and PE that you could easily find just by spending a few hours on Google… 

for free…

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is an Installation System… 

not just a lame list of facts and techniques that hardly anyone actually ever implements. 

My system literally installs everything you need in order to have stage four rock hard erections directly into you… 

easily and naturally.

So when you finish the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” you have everything you need to have stage four rock hard erections permanently installed inside of you. 

 There is nothing left that you have to learn or memorize.  

Stage four rock hard erections just become effortless and automatic… 

the way they were meant to be.

Forget about having to memorize a bunch of “facts” and “techniques.” 

 That is not going to get you what you want and need… 

long lasting rock hard boners.

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is the ONLY system you will ever need to have those ridiculously rock hard erections for life. Because my system is the ONLY system that installs everything you need directly inside you… 

so getting and maintaining Rock Hard Erections becomes automatic, effortless, and permanent!

No other information product even comes close to providing this guaranteed result. 

 And since I use the cutting edge science of epigenetic's... these results are extremely powerful for a lifetime!

Now since the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” uses the power of epigenetic's you may be wondering:

"Do I have these primal masculine genes you speak of? 

 If so, can I 'switch them on' to have rock hard erections for life?"

YES! If you have ever had a rock hard erection, even if it was years ago, then you have these genes. 

And your genes will respond to the power of epigenetic's just the way they are naturally designed to do. 

 Your primal masculine genes can be unlocked easily, naturally, and permanently with “The Rock Hard for Life System”!

"Is this gene manipulation or genetic modification?"

NO! You are not modifying your DNA in any way. 

However, you are telling your BodyMind to turn on your "erection boosting" genes and turn off your "erection killing" genes... 

this is the science of epigenetic's. 

 You learn how to do this naturally through simple healthy lifestyle choices. 

 It’s all completely natural and super simple!

"Are there side effects?"

Yes... however, since you are making healthy lifestyle choices… 

I think you are going to LOVE the side effects! 
Side effects include:  

  • A greatly increased sex drive
  • Losing stubborn fat without dieting
  • Putting on muscle faster & easier
  • Increased energy & focus
  • Elevated well being
  • Amplified confidence & charisma
  • Feeling like the man you were born to be
  • Feeling like you can conquer the world
  • Naturally having higher testosterone levels
  • Improved prostate health
  • Having supercharged masculine animal magnetism and effortlessly attracting women into your life
  • Deeply satisfying your lover thus preventing infidelity and breakups
  • Having Supreme Sexual Confidence
  • Supercharging the SOURCES of Rock Hard Erections so you have them for Life
  • …and so much more!
Now let’s compare these side effects with side effects of taking ED drugs

Side effects of ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Leavitra, TRT):
  • Facial flushing & feeling overheated
  • Visual abnormalities & potential vision loss
  • Ringing in ears & potential hearing loss
  • Indigestion & Severe Acid Reflux
  • Nausea
  • Headaches - potentially severe
  • Muscle Aches, especially back pain
  • Diarrhea (sexy!)
  • Nasal congestion
  • Dizziness & Fainting
  • Erections that won’t go down & require surgical intervention
  • Feeling like less of a man because you have to “take a pill” to get hard
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Testicular shrinking (balls the size of peanuts)
  • Losing the ability to naturally produce testosterone
  • Treating the symptoms of ED rather than the Source of Rock Hard Erections

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is for every age group from 18 to 108, helping to give you stage 4 rock hard erections your entire life!

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, 52.2% of men in the United States report having ED! 

That’s over half the men in the US!

That means that more than 1 out of every 2 men that walk past you on the street are losing the battle with ED. 

 So less than half of the men you bump into are even eligible to experience all the sex and fun they can handle!

Here are some other shocking statistics you might not know:

  • According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine 25% of men under the age of 40 are seeking ED treatment. That’s 1 in 4 men under 40 with ED severe enough to actually cause them to seek treatment!
  • Nearly 70% of men are affected with ED by the age of 70 according to Massachusetts Male Aging Study
  • A recent British study of 2,000 men, found that 50% of men in their 30s reported having ED
  • About 30 Million Men in the US are currently affected by ED- According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health)


It’s even worse than this… 


Researchers estimate that only 10-20% of men with ED ever report having it or seek treatment! 

That means that 80-90% of men with ED never report it or seek treatment for it… 

so these men are not even counted in these statistics. Which means these statistics are most likely even higher than we realize… possibly way higher!

That is A LOT of men suffering in silence!

If 52.2% of men in the United States REPORT having ED… 

and if 80-90% of men who have ED DO NOT even REPORT it or seek treatment... 

then this epidemic is definitely way worse than we even realize! 

 And what we ALREADY KNOW is crazy scary as it is!

To put this in perspective… 

46% of men in the US have Heart Disease and 9.4% of American men have Diabetes. 

ED is now taking down more men in the United States than Heart Disease and Diabetes and it is just as, if not more crippling. 

Many of these men feel that it is a fate worse than death!

And here is the real kicker…  

You have probably heard of “The Kinsey Report”.  

It is considered by many to be the “gold standard” of sexual studies. According to this report:

  • In the 1940s LESS THAN 1% of men under the age of 30 experienced ED
  • However TODAY it is estimated that somewhere between 15-25% of men in this age range are experiencing ED
  • In the 1940s LESS THAN 3% of men between the ages of 30-45 experienced ED
  • However, TODAY it is estimated that somewhere between 25-40% of men in this age range are experiencing ED

So what the hell is going on here! 

 Why are so many more men experiencing ED today than they were in the 1940s? What in the hell could be causing this new pandemic!?

Well, there are actually a number of reasons for this. 

 And I go deeply into them in the “Rock Hard for Life Formula”… 

so you don’t become one of these statistics! 

And if you already are one of these statistics, I show you how to turn that around simply and naturally… 

so you are Rock Hard for Life!

The point here is… 

the world is VERY DIFFERENT than it was in the 1940s. 

 But the category of “Men’s Health” has not kept up and adapted to these changes like it should. 

 You need a system that specifically deals with the modern world YOU LIVE IN TODAY, not the world of yesterday. 

 A modern world that is killing our masculinity and our God given rock hard erections!

You need a natural holistic system that gives you Rock Hard Erections for life, REGARDLESS of your AGE!  

A system built for TODAY’s world!

That is what the “Rock Hard Life Formula” was designed to do, from the bottom up. 

I put having Rock Hard Erections for Life at the CENTER of MEN’s HEALTH!

Because, while having Rock Hard Erections alone is not enough to tell you that you are in optimal health. 

NOT HAVING Rock Hard Erections definitely tells you that your health is not optimal. 

 And that could be resulting from physical, mental, or emotional health problems… or any combination of the three!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is a complete holistic solution... 

that addresses all three of these erection boosting pillars of your BodyMind.  

Men should be getting rock hard erections all throughout their life… 

PERIOD. That is what the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is designed to do… 

easily and naturally.

As Harvard’s Dr. Michael P. O’Leary states “erections serve as a barometer for overall health.” 

I couldn’t agree more. 

 That’s exactly what “Rock Hard for Life Formula” does… 

it puts Rock Hard Erections at the CENTER of MEN’s HEALTH! So you can enjoy them your ENTIRE life.

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is super simple to understand and ridiculously easy to use! And it can work very quickly… within seconds!

Look, I’m super busy just like everyone else. 

 I don’t have a lot of time or mental energy to spend on supercharging my erections. 

 And I know you don’t either. 

 That’s why “Rock Hard for Life Formula” was built from the ground up to be simple to understand and easy to use!

Epigenetic's sounds complicated… 

and it certainly can be. 

 But I make it so simple that even a young child can understand it. 

 And to be honest, you don’t even have to know how it works to get amazing results!

Everything you need is laid out step by step and is very easy to implement.

Just follow the simple steps and get the Rock Hard Erections you want and deserve. 

And it can work very quickly… 

some of these techniques take just seconds to do! 

 Perfect if you're lazy or just don’t have time to do a bunch of work.

And you don’t need any current skills of knowledge to get fantastic results! 

 In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t so you don’t have to unlearn a bunch of stuff.

The system is simple… 

anyone can use it. 

You don’t have to be a scientist or even understand science. 

 You just have to follow simple steps that anyone can understand and implement.

And as I stated earlier, the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is an Installation System.  

Just complete the simple steps and everything you need gets permanently installed inside you. 

 So those stage 4 rock hard erections become automatic and effortless… 

the way they were always meant to be!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” supercharges the SOURCE of your erections, so it’s great for all forms of ED… as well as helping to prevent ED in the first place!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” doesn’t just focus on erections… 

it focuses on getting Stage 4 Rock Hard Erections for Life! The HARDEST erections known to man!

To put that in context, here is a summary of the 5 Stages of Erection:

  • Stage 1: Initial Filling - Hormones and neurotransmitters cause relaxation of smooth muscle, increasing blood flow to penile chambers.
  • ​Stage 2: Partial Erection - Penis elongates and expands due to penile arteries dilating and bringing in more blood.
  • ​Stage 3: Full Erection - Penile veins constrict to prevent blood from escaping and penis expands to full erection.
  • ​STAGE 4: RIGID ERECTION - The tip and body of penis enlarge to FULL CAPACITY until veins are forcefully compressed and MAXIMUM RIGIDITY is attained.
  • ​Stage 5: Return to Flaccidity - After ejaculation, blood flows out of penis returning back to flaccid state and refractory period begins.
So MAXIMUM RIGIDITY is what my system focuses on.

But why do I focus so heavily here at “Rock Hard for Life” on attaining and maintaining these long lasting Stage 4 erections?

  • They build your sexual confidence like nothing else!
  • They are incredibly satisfying to your lover… she has NO DOUBT that she turns you on and she can FEEL IT!
  • ​You no longer have to worry about being unable to penetrate your lover or maintain your stiffness during sex.
  • ​Erections are the true barometer of a man’s health. If your erections are consistent, long lasting, and as hard as they can be, what does that say about your health?
Do you see now why these stage 4 erections are so important and incredibly powerful?

Contrary to what many “experts” will tell you, there are many different forms of ED. It’s not just physical… 

or mental… 

or emotional. 

 It can be any of these or any combination of the three and it’s unique to each man.

For instance, some men can get hard during oral sex, but lose it once they go to penetrate their partner. 

 Other men can get hard when they masturbate, but not at all when they are with a real woman. 

Other men don’t get hard at all, even with porn.

That’s why “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is a comprehensive holistic approach. 

 Because you want to address all pillars of getting stage 4 Rock Hard Erections, regardless of the context you are in.   

You want to be the guy who gets Rock Hard whenever he wants!

Just imagine the level of CONFIDENCE that will give you! 

 Confidence that spills over into every aspect of your life.

The mechanisms of the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” have been shown to work over and over again, regardless of the source of your ED.

“I was having some major problems with my erections. I was only getting partially hard at best, most of the time I wasn’t getting hard at all... even while watching porn.  After going through "Rock Hard for Life Formula" now I get incredibly hard… to the point where it almost gets uncomfortable. When I’m with my lover I now stay hard and last so much longer…  it’s incredible!” ~ A.P. Age 50 - Houston, TX

“I used to take ED drugs and hide them from my wife because I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to get and maintain a rock hard erection. Now I do it all naturally and easily through the Rock Hard for Life Formula! It’s amazing!” ~ N.D. Age 36 - San Fernando, Trinidad

"Getting erections is much faster, and so much freaking harder since starting the 'Rock Hard for Life Formula'!! I had to bend over and push my hard dick down to piss the last two days! Like when I was 20! Ended up getting hard manually 2x in the middle of the night when I woke up… because I could, lol! Also, now 5 weeks in and dropped another inch off my waist this am. That's 2" so far, from 46 to 44”! ~ S.F. Age 57 - Philadelphia, PA

So here’s the key:

STOP focusing on “fixing” your ED and PE. 

 That just produces more performance anxiety.

START focusing on supercharging the stage four erection boosting power of the BodyMind with the “Rock Hard for Life Formula!” And become the big bad bed busting boner machine you were born to be!

Once you start getting consistent long lasting stage 4 rock hard erections, what do you think that will do to your ED and PE?

And if you don’t currently have ED or PE… If you are getting these erections whenever you want, how likely do you think it is that you will ever develop ED or PE in the first place?

What if I have a chronic disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, or Depression… is this going to work for me?

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is a very healthy system. It’s a modern men’s health system with rock hard erections at its center. 

If you follow the simple step by step process... 

your overall health and erections are almost certainly going to improve significantly.

However, while ED is not a disease (it’s a dysfunction), certain serious diseases can certainly cause ED. 

If you have one of these diseases you need to be working with your doctor as you go through my system.

Show your doctor the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” and explain to them what you are planning on doing in my system to improve your erections. 

The techniques are very healthy and it’s hard for me to imagine a doctor that wouldn’t be on board with my system.

But, if your doctor is only giving you options like pills, injections, or surgery… 

I’d highly recommend you get a second opinion. 

 If you want rock hard erections for life, you need a doctor who is on board with assisting you in getting them naturally.

If you are on diabetic, heart, anxiety, or depression medication... 

these can all significantly impact your erections. 

 As you go through “Rock Hard for Life Formula” your health will almost certainly improve. 

 And your need for these medications may become less and less. 

 But you absolutely MUST work with your doctor to wean off these medications as your health improves. 

 That is NOT something you want to try doing on your own.

The great news is that the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” uses the cutting edge science of epigenetic's. 

 Epigenetic's is not only an extremely powerful tool for getting rock hard erections for life. 

It’s been shown to be very promising in addressing the chronic diseases that can cause ED as well!

Here are some quotes from prestigious scientific journals:

“There is increasing signs that epigenetic's plays a role in the development of Type 2 Diabetes, and also contributes to the complications of diabetes.” - The Diabetes Council

“Epigenetic pathways offer a new perspective in the control of gene regulation, with significant applications to human Cardio Vascular Disease.” - Canadian Journal of Cardiology

“Growing evidence supports the hypothesis that epigenetic's is a key mechanism through which environmental exposures interact with an individual’s genetic constitution to determine risk for depression throughout life.” - JAMA Psychiatry

"What if I have permanent ED … will this work for me?"

I hate the term “permanent ED” or “permanent impotence.” 
 I use the term sparingly because... 

men need to really understand how serious the consequences of not addressing the SOURCE of their erectile problems can be.  

But when men are given the label “permanent impotence” it can be devastating. 

Because most guys who are told that, never get over it.

If you believe and feel that you are “defeated” your blood gets flooded with “erection killing” biochemicals.

If you believe and feel that you are “winning” your blood gets flooded with “erection boosting” biochemicals.

This is just how it works… 

it has been proven time and time again in multiple scientific studies.

Now... am I saying that having empowering beliefs is all it takes to have rock hard erections? 

 No, not at all. There is a lot more to it than that! And there is way more to epigenetic's than just belief systems... 

 But it’s important to understand that beliefs are a very important part of the mix.

The truth is it’s very difficult to get rock hard erections if you have the following two disempowering beliefs:

  • I have “permanent impotence” and there is nothing I can do about it
  • I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing will work for me
I personally don’t believe in permanent impotence. 

And I don’t believe that anyone has tried everything… 

there are always new things to try.

If you’ve ever had a rock hard erection… 

then you most definitely have the genes that produce rock hard erections in your body… 


They haven’t gone anywhere. 

They’ve just been "switched off.” 

You can learn to “switch them back on” easily and naturally.  

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is completely discreet and private, no one will know you’re using it unless you want them to! 

Look I understand the embarrassment, fear, and emasculation that comes from having erections problems… 

I’ve been there.

That’s why I made “Rock Hard for Life Formula” completely discreet and private. 

Nothing is shipped to you. Everything is accessed through computer, tablet, or smart phone instantly and is password protected.  

And your credit card statement won’t say anything about sex or erections. 

 You will just see the name “Zander Holt Research Group” on your statement.

No one ever needs to know… 

unless you want them too.

For instance, you might want to let your woman know...

So she both understands as well as knows how to really help you.  

So you don’t have to hide it anymore which only makes erection problems worse… 

and causes you to avoid sex.

So you can date without having to worry about how you are going to “bring up” potential erection issues.

So you can have an amazing partner who understands, accepts you, knows how to effectively help, and is truly on your team.

Let’s talk about that for a moment...

If you are dating or already have a partner, and you want them to both understand and help you overcome your erection problems. I give you powerful tools to do that quickly and easily!

I want to emphasize first of all that you DO NOT need to tell your woman ANYTHING for the “Rock Hard Life Formula” to work it’s wonders on you. 

Not at all!  

But, it does make things easier and less stressful on both of you if you can speak easily and freely about it. 

And the freer and less stressed you feel, the easier it is to attain and maintain those Rock Hard Erections. 

And let me help you understand something about women when it comes to men who have erection issues.

Women have a deep NEED to feel that they are sexy, desired, and turn you on!

When a man has erection problems, it causes her doubt all those things. 

 She can’t help but have an unconscious reflex reaction that “it’s her fault.” 

She’s not turning you on for some reason.

“Have I put on weight? 

 Do I smell? 

 Did I do something wrong? 

Is he seeing someone else?!” 

These are just some of the thoughts that might race through her head as she tries to figure out why she isn’t “giving you” an erection.

Unfortunately, women have been socialized to believe that men will always get rock hard at the drop of a hat. 

As long as you find her desirable and sexy.

When you don’t get hard… 

or you get hard but then lose it right before or after you penetrate her, she can’t help but think on some level that it’s her causing that.

This a real challenge for us as men, because we all know that it’s not her. 

 But how do we get that across simply and effectively without making things worse?

Because that’s what women really want to know… 

that’s it’s not them. They want to be assured that they are indeed the sexy vixens that you just can’t help but crave.

What if I told you I give you the powerful tools to do just that?  

So she KNOWS she’s that irresistible sex kitten that you are just unable to resist… 

even if she experiences you having erection challenges.

I give you the exact simple words to say... 

and WHEN to say them so she understands that your challenges have NOTHING to do with her.

I show you how to handle this in a way that is going to make you look like a much STRONGER MAN in her eyes. A powerful, confident, honest man… 

who is not afraid of being vulnerable. 

 Who does NOT measure his worth as a man by his erections. 

Who is not ashamed… 

but is open and loves himself. 

 These qualities are EXTREMELY sexy to women!  

Instead of being seen as a weak, ashamed man that hides and avoids intimacy with her. 

 Which is how most men are seen that emotionally withdraw because of ED or PE.

These are optional but powerful tools that I knew I had to include in my system. 

Because if I would have had these tools… 

I might of avoided divorce. 

And if all my system did was help men avoid that fate… 

that alone would be worth dedicating the rest of my life to doing this!

But I go even far beyond that…

I’ve included a very special BONUS for the guys who want to be free and open with their woman or women they are dating.

This a very special video that shows women how all kinds of things can get in the way of achieving and maintaining those rock hard erections... 

and that it is not her fault!

This expert advice goes way beyond her just understanding. 

It goes into specific things she can do that really helps you achieve and maintain those rock hard erections. 

 Non-obvious things that probably neither of you have considered.  

And equally as important it shows her what to AVOID... 

things she may be doing unconsciously that effectively weakens your rock hard erections… 

or causes you to ejaculate too quickly.

When your woman truly understands and knows what helps and what doesn’t, it makes a WORLD of difference… 

for both of you.

I want to help as many men as I can... 

because I know what’s it’s like to be in a relationship as well as date while struggling with ED and PE. 

That’s why I’m giving it to you for FREE when you join the “Rock Hard for Life” tribe today. It’s optional to use… 

but man is it powerful if you decide to go that route!

You don’t need a sexual partner for this to work, but it sure is great to have one... and the “Rock Hard for Life Formula" will help effortlessly attract them to you!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” teaches you how to naturally “turn on” your primal masculine genetic code. 

This not only gives you Rock Hard Erections, but it also naturally makes you more: confident, assertive, bold, and self-expressive!

These are qualities that women find irresistible. 

They will automatically be more attracted to you… 

like bees to honey!

And I’m going to include a very special bonus today that I will talk about in a moment that will make this even more powerful. 

Amplifying your natural masculine magnetism to new heights. 

Automatically getting you more and more sex without even trying.

Because you are the descendent of our powerful alpha male ancestors.

Because deep inside you lies the primal genetic code that women can’t help but crave and lust after.

Because everything you need to have rock hard erections is already inside you, just waiting to be “unlocked."

Because your genetic destiny of being an incredible sex god lies just within reach… 

desperately waiting for you to “switch it on!"

Introducing the…

Rock Hard for Life Formula: 

The Complete Holistic Stage 4 Rock Hard Erection Boosting System... Using the Incredible Power of Epigenetic's and the BodyMind!

“The Rock Hard for Life Formula” supercharges all the erection boosting functions of the BodyMind. 

So you produce ridiculously long lasting stage 4 rock hard erections every time you are with your lover. 

 Radiating Supreme Sexual Confidence and putting a smile on both of your faces... a mile wide!

Here is just a brief list of the amazing benefits you receive when using my system:

  • Get ridiculously rock hard stage 4 erections for life… easily, naturally, and automatically, they way it was always meant to be
  • Completely obliterate premature ejaculation for good... and fully enjoy long lasting sexual pleasure while bringing her to explosive heights of ecstasy
  • Make weak erections and humiliating sexual performance a thing of the past… it takes just minutes a day
  • Stop losing your erections once you penetrate her… get hard and stay hard in all sexual situations: oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, etc.
  • Get so rock hard that she has NO DOUBT that she massively turns you on because she can FEEL IT… which releases her inner slut making her want to do things to you she wouldn’t even consider doing with other men
  • Naturally turn on your “primal masculine genetic code” and become way more attractive to women, getting you more and more sex without even trying
  • Radiate so much supreme sexual confidence that women are helplessly drawn to you and your natural charms… stop “working” for their attention and affection
  • Fully satisfy ANY woman in bed and get them hopelessly addicted to you… wanting to see you and only you, over and over again
  • Wear her out with those rock hard stage 4 erections that seem like they last forever
  • Experience incredibly intense orgasms and blow MASSIVE loads that put porn stars to shame… and make your woman scream with wild pleasure
  • Be so confident in the bedroom that you can’t help but be more confident everywhere you go, opening up new opportunities in your social, dating, and business life
  • Get everything you need to have stage 4 rock hard erections for life installed directly into you so they are automatic and permanent, so you never worry about your erections ever again
  • Feel like the potent alpha sexual beast you were born to be and naturally be more self-expressive, bold, assertive, and confident in all situations
  • Enjoy your life to the fullest as you express your true nature to the world confidently and unapologetically… attracting all kinds of great women and opportunities into your life
  • Fully enjoy a sex life most guys can’t even imagine, instead of worrying about whether or not you’re going to get and keep a rock hard erection
  • Have way more fun, freedom, and greatly amplify the pleasure that both you and your woman experience during sex… making both of you want it all the time
  • Greatly amplify your sex drive, sexual energy, and sexual performance so you are always ready, willing, and able
  • Deeply satisfy your lover, thus preventing infidelity and breakups.. be the amazing sex god she’s always secretly craved and she won’t even consider being with another guy
  • Have the kind of amazing sex that you are really craving to have, while your woman begs for more and more of it because it’s so damn good
  • Feel like you can conquer the world and absolutely crush it in all aspects of your life: your relationship, dating life, social life, business opportunities, etc
  • Improve your prostate health to help prevent problems that most men will experience as they grow older
  • Greatly increase your energy and focus… allowing you to be much more productive, prosperous, and creative
  • Effortlessly and naturally amplify your confidence and charisma to start living the badass life you’ve always wanted to live
  • Naturally increase your testosterone levels without the nasty side effects of testosterone replacement therapy
  • Naturally lose fat without dieting and gain more muscle faster and easier… spending less time in the gym
  • Protect yourself NOW and from any and all FUTURE erection issues from arising as you grow older... effortlessly and automatically!
  • $2497 Retail Price - TODAY’s PRICE ONLY $997!!! OR 3 Easy Payments of $397.

Why Am I Offering You This Today At Such A Low Price?

Up until now, the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” was available ONLY to my one-on-one clients. 

To get this amazing system would have cost you a minimum of $2500.

But now, since I’ve turned this incredible system into a product that can reach so many more men… 

that means I don’t have to spend nearly the same kind of one-on-one time helping each individual man.  

Simply put… 

this product doesn’t require nearly as much of my time like coaching does, so I can now offer you this amazing system for the first time ever at this incredibly low price!

But that’s not the only reason. I have a much more passionate reason for doing this.

Simply put... 

this is my MISSION in life.

I’m on a mission to help a MILLION MEN reclaim their primal masculine birthright and experience stage 4 Rock Hard Erections throughout their entire life! 

 For this to happen my system has to be both comprehensive and affordable.

Because ALL MEN need and deserve to have rock hard erections for life… 


Because the other “solutions” out there are not even close to being comprehensive or affordable in the long run. 

And the vast majority of them damage your health rather than enhance it!


Do you really want to risk your health taking ED drugs or injecting your dick with God knows what? 

Possibly developing permanent ED because you never addressed the source of your problem? 

Feeling like less of man because you have to take something to get an erection and hide it from your woman?

And it’s not just the side effects and the possibility of developing permanent impotence… 

these drugs aren’t cheap. 

And when you combine the cost of buying all these drugs with the humiliation and time opportunities you will never get back. 

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is an absolute NO BRAINER.

Herbs and supplements aren’t a comprehensive solution either. 

They work for some men, but even for these guys many reports that they stop working after their body gets used to them… even when cycling them. 

Because they don't get at the SOURCE of your stage four Rock Hard Erections either. 

Plus you have to keep buying them every month… and that adds up quickly!

A good quality penis pump with a cock ring will cost you between $150-$400 and it doesn’t fix anything. 

And how much of mood killer is it to stop the foreplay and whip out a penis pump and cock ring!? 

Then you have to pump it up until hopefully you get “hard enough” to slip on the cock ring so you stay “hard”. 

After 30 minutes maximum you have to take that cock ring off or risk damaging your dick. 

Hell even if you use the pump and ring correctly many guys report bruising and damaging their penile blood vessels which makes things even worse! 

A surgical penis implant costs between $16,000 to $20,000 with no guarantee that it will work. 


That means you may end up WAY WORSE than you are now with NO HOPE of getting your erections or money back. 

You just end up with a useless surgically implanted button you have to carry everywhere… 

but it never gets you hard. It just becomes a constant reminder that your dick is half dead and isn’t ever coming back!


you can pick up the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” for a fraction of that price and get those stage 4 Rock Hard Erections for Life easily and naturally. 

And if you want you can spend the savings on a nice ride to take your hot lady (or ladies) out in style!

In short, when you sign up today for the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” you can solve all of these problems for less than a 2 night stay at the Hyatt Hotel! 

 So you can start having all the sheet ripping sex you can handle with your woman or with all those sexy prospects you’ve been eyeing. 

Without the fear and humiliation of scaring them away with your ED!  

And since you will be getting those Rock Erections naturally, you can keep going all night if you want... without fear of doing any damage to your dick!

Sound good?

It’s really amazing!

But I’m not just stopping there! 

I have some INCREDIBLE Bonuses that I am throwing in if you sign up TODAY!

Fast Action BONUS #1- The Animal Magnetism Multiplier: Get more sex without even trying!(Value $347)

I know you are going to want to pound out all those monster rock hard boners you’re getting on a regular basis. 

This bonus greatly amplifies your natural masculine animal magnetism and uninhibited sexual expression.  

And make no mistake about it, when you are wild and free in bed you set your woman free to be wild in bed too… 

making her want it all the time!  

And it doesn’t stop there… 

that raw animal masculine magnetism you’ll naturally be radiating is such an aphrodisiac to women that they will be helplessly drawn to you... 

like bees to honey.  

Whether you are with a regular partner or just wanting more dating and mating opportunities without having to be a pick up artist. 

This is the easy and natural way to turn women on and have a lot more sheet ripping sex! Without even trying!

Fast Action BONUS #2- 7 Minutes to Heaven: Supercharge your erections on the way to your date! (Value: $297)

Having sex tonight?  

Worried you won’t be able to get it up… or that you’ll cum too fast?  

These amazing 7 minute audios are just what you need to get in the right mindset. 

And implement quick tools for success to have long lasting rock hard erections immediately. 

 Instead of boner killing performance anxiety.  

Just pop in one of these juicy 7 minutes audios on your way to your date… 

or when coming home to your wife or girlfriend.  

With these fast incredible audios you’ll be ready to rock both of your worlds tonight and every night!

Fast Action BONUS #3- Super Sex Smoothies for Rock Hard Erections & Ridiculously Huge Cum Shots(Value: $97)

Want to blow gigantic loads and have incredibly intense orgasms?


she wants you to do that too!  

These super sex smoothies make it even easier to get and maintain those Rock Hard erections. 

And MASSIVELY increases your cum volume… 

so you give her the biggest, messiest surprise of her life!  

Incredibly satisfying for the both of you… 

and gives you instant unstoppable porn star confidence!

Fast Action BONUS #4- Massive Morning Wood Madness (Value: $47) 

Got morning wood?


Then man… 

do I have you covered!

Learn how to get those massive rock hard morning wood erections back and raging at full force!


you will have to wait for that bad boy to come down before you go take your morning leak, but it's worth it!

But don’t be surprised if your woman intercepts you before you go do that and puts that hard wood to good use!

Fast Action BONUS #5- Understanding & Supercharging your Man’s Erections and Staying Power (Value: $257)

The absolute easiest and most effective way to overcome ED and PE, is to get your woman on board... 

helping you in ways that are super pleasurable, fun, and greatly accelerate your results!  

Do you find it hard to talk to your woman or dating partners about your ED or PE?  

Just have them watch this simple fun video. And they will develop a whole new compassionate understanding of what you are going through… 

and how they can help!

This is a very special video designed specifically for women. It quickly and effectively explains the mechanisms of Rock Hard Erections. 

 It shows her how all kinds of things can get in the way of achieving those rock hard erections and how it is not her fault!

She will learn all kinds of incredibly fun ways to help you attain and maintain those stage 4 rock hard erections!  

Non-obvious ways that probably neither of you have even thought about.

And equally as important it shows her what to AVOID... 

things she may be doing unconsciously that effectively weakens your rock hard erections… 

or causes you to ejaculate too quickly. 

Things that possibly BOTH of you are unaware of.

When your woman truly understands and knows what helps and what doesn’t, it makes a WORLD of difference… 

for both of you.

Fast Action BONUS #6- The Truth About Porn in the Internet Age and How to Use It To Your Benefit (Value: $297)

Porn can actually enhance your sex life or significantly contribute to your ED, depending on how you use it.

You absolutely must understand how porn can either hurt or help you. 

 Particularly in the age of high speed, easily accessible Internet Porn!

You can enjoy it as long as you understand the boundaries to follow. 

Otherwise, it will make your ED MUCH WORSE!

You will also learn about alternatives to porn that will greatly enhance your sexual imagination. 

Helping you to transform into the kind of lover that your woman secretly fantasizes about.

Fast Action BONUS #7- Exclusive Access to the private “Rock Hard for Life” MasterMind group. (Value: $1164 per year) 

Way more than worth the price of admission alone!  

Honestly, I can’t believe I are giving this away for FREE right now!

In this amazing MasterMind you don’t just get support... 

you get solutions!  

Ask any questions you have and learn from me personally as well as from the other dedicated men in our tribe. 

And I have PhDs, testosterone experts, men’s health experts, and a host of other knowledgeable men... 

all helping each other and dedicated to being the amazing sexual beasts they were born to be!

Stay up to date with the latest research and power techniques that keep you Rock Hard for Life. 

Learn and contribute as I am constantly improving and creating new techniques. 

Help us transform the world of men’s health… 

so ED just becomes a distant memory in the dustbins of history!

Due to the personalized help I offer with this bonus, I am limiting it to the first 97 men that enroll. 

 I just want to make sure that I can give the kind of support and advice that everyone who makes it into this group deserves.

Fast Action BONUS #8- Quick Cheat Sheets for all 5 Rock Hard for Life modules(Value: $367)

Need answers fast?  

Get Cheat Sheets for each of the 5 modules of the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” so you can get answers to your particular issues right now!  

Each module is broken down into a quick outline that allows you to get what you need immediately!

I’m making this a complete no-brainer for men who want rock hard erections. If you are not 100% satisfied… you get a 100% refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

30-Day No-Risk No Questions Asked Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

Test out the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” at my expense. You should be noticing significant improvements in the hardness, frequency, and duration of your erections... 

within 60 days!

Now you have every right to be skeptical here… 

and I don’t blame you. 

I experimented with tons of BS products and promises as I developed my system. 

I got headaches, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and sometimes my erections even got worse! I get it!

And unfortunately it’s true that there is a possibility that my system might not work for you. 

For instance, you might be on some medication that CAUSES sexual performance problems. 

If that is the case, it’s going to take awhile to get your health in order in order to wean off those medication with the help of your doctor.

I don’t want your money if I can’t help you. However, you really have nothing to lose to at least give it a try.

Because, if for any reason you find that my program doesn’t meet your exact needs... 

simply request a refund within 60 days of purchase and you will receive your money back.

There will be no hassles and no questions asked.

I’m confident that you are going to be absolutely thrilled with the results you get! 

But I know you don’t know this yet. 

This is why I’m eliminating all the risk and worry for you.

So go ahead and click the button below and  order the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” right now and get instant access!

Start using the simple powerful techniques today to get the transformation you deserve.

If you are not absolutely 100% satisfied with the results you get, just simply ask and you will receive a full refund… 


No hassles, no questions asked. 

That is my personal promise to you!

And since you have put your faith in us to give the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” a try, 

I want you to keep the bonus gifts - 

free of charge, even if you request a refund. 

This applies to all the bonuses EXCEPT access to the private “Rock Hard for Life Master Mind” group. 

This bonus is limited to the first 97 men and involves a lot of individualized attention... 

so I cannot allow you to keep this bonus when receiving a refund. It wouldn’t be fair to the other committed men. 

However, all the other bonuses are yours to keep free of charge as a sincere thank you for trying my product!

-Zander Holt

Here is a summary of all the amazing things you are getting for one incredibly low price if you sign up TODAY!

  • “Rock Hard for Life Formula": The Complete Holistic Stage 4 Rock Hard Erection Boosting System ($2497 Value)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 1 - "The Animal Magnetism Multiplier: Get more sex without even trying!"(Value $347)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 2 - "7 Minutes to Heaven: Supercharge your erections on the way to your date!" (Value: $297)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 3 - "Super Sex Smoothies for Rock Hard Erections & Ridiculously Huge Cum Shots"(Value: $97)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 4 - "Massive Morning Wood Madness" (Value: $147)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 5 - "Understanding & Supercharging your Man’s Erections and Staying Power" (Value: $257)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 6 - "The Truth About Porn in the Internet Age and How to Use It To Your Benefit" (Value: $497)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 7 - Exclusive Access to the private “Rock Hard for Life” MasterMind group. (Value: $1164 per year) LIMITED TO THE FIRST 97 MEN who sign up TODAY!
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 8 - Quick Cheat Sheets for all 5 Rock Hard for Life modules(Value: $267)

Total Value: $2970

Your Investment today if you ACT NOW: $997!!! 

 OR 3 Easy Payments of $397.

If you want Stage Four Rock Hard Erections for Life while obliterating any Premature Ejaculation you may have... you basically have 3 options you can take now:

First Option: You can do nothing. Go back to your life as usual and get the same results you’ve been getting. 

 Having stage four rock hard erections and an incredible sex life for your entire life is not for everyone… 

I guess???

Second Option: Take what you’ve learned today and try and figure it out on your own. 

It took me hundreds of hours and 4 years to develop. 

 Unfortunately it took me so long that my marriage fell apart and ended in divorce. 

 However, you might be able to figure it out own before your relationship or dating life crumbles.

Third Option: You can purchase the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” and start getting those bed busting boner back TODAY!

As well as all the bonuses, including... 

Exclusive VIP Access to our private MasterMind group where you get individualized help if you are among the first 97 men to sign up!

So, in comparison to the other options available to you, most of which are a waste of money, time, and some of which can actually make things worse… 

much worse, the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is by far your best option... giving you the best results, for life!

So, what are you waiting for?

Click the ‘ORDER NOW’ button and get instant access to the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” right NOW. 

Start getting those stage four Rock Hard erections TODAY! 

And get ready to enjoy your best Sexual Performance ever and blow your partner's mind tonight and every night… 

for the rest of your life!

FINALLY BE FREE of... the frustration, embarrassment, and humiliation that comes with persistent erectile problems.

Every second you wait your ED and PE are getting worse, possibly turning into a permanent, irreversible problem.

Seriously damaging your manhood, health, and relationship or dating life.  

Stop just treating the symptoms of your ED and PE before they permanently destroy your relationship and your manhood.  

Become the sex god you know were destined to become… 

it’s your birthright after all… don’t settle for anything less! Your satisfaction is guaranteed… 

in more ways than one!

Click the ORDER NOW’ button RIGHT NOW and get started TODAY with INSTANT ACCESS to the revolutionary “Rock Hard for Life Formula!”



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